Mighty Bright Hammerhead Reading Light Review

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When looking at reading lights, you’ve likely heard of The Original Mighty Bright. Their lamps are quite superior in terms of quality and durability, making them popular for workshops and bedrooms alike.

The Mighty Bright Hammerhead Reading Light is an all-purpose tool that you’ll be glad to have in your home for all of your projects and hobbies. Below is our full review to help you determine whether or not this device is indeed for you.

Mighty Bright Hammerhead Reading Light

As with any other reading light, the main purpose of this unit is to give you better visibility when you are working in poor lighting conditions. Most models are designed primarily for reading, but this one is useful for a wide variety of tasks.

One thing you’ll be sure to appreciate is the ample amount of features built-into this lamp. The attention to detail that was put into the Mighty Bright Hammerhead Reading Light sets it apart from the competition.

You can easily tell that the development of the light was based around anything from working on your vehicle to knitting in your living room. It has a strong utilitarian appearance that seamlessly fits into industrial settings but won’t be too obtrusive in your bedroom.

Who Is This Reading Light For?

People who are at risk of suffering from eye fatigue, headaches, and eyestrain will appreciate having the Mighty Bright Hammerhead Reading Light on hand. With the bright LED lights, you won’t be forced to read small text or repair small parts with a general flood light.

In addition to that, shadows will also be greatly reduced, giving you a much larger field of view.

Every room in your home will be able to benefit from the light as well. You can clip it onto your spare bed so that guests can read their books peacefully at night. It’s also fantastic for children’s bedrooms if you’re looking for a nightlight that your kids can have complete control of.

What’s Included?

With the Mighty Bright Hammerhead Reading Light, there aren’t any additional accessories that you will receive apart from the main unit. You will be required to purchase three AAA batteries if you want the lamp to be portable.

Additionally, you will have to purchase a dedicated Mighty Bright AC adapter, which is sold separately from the unit itself.

Overview of the Features

  • Dual Brightness Settings

There are two brightness settings to choose from in this light: high or low. You’ll appreciate the brightness offered by the 28 lumens in the bulb, which gives you an optimal amount of light.

However, we think that to make this lamp even more versatile, having at least three other brightness settings would be preferable.

  • 15-Hour Battery Life

With the three AAA batteries, you will have up to 15 hours of battery life. With that said, using the AC adapter will give you an endless stream of power if you opt not to utilize its portability.

The main downside to the AC adapter is that it’s available for purchase separately.

  • Lightweight and Portable

If you’re someone who enjoys traveling, you’ll need a lamp that can go with you on your trips. This reading light is very lightweight and highly portable, which is ideal for packing it in your carry-on or checked luggage.

  • Three Color Options

Instead of opting for a plain black lamp, you can also choose to order the Mighty Bright in pink and silver as well.

  • Optical-Grade Lens

Apart from the brightness of the bulb, you’ll also appreciate the dissipation of light provided by the Mighty Bright Hammerhead Reading Light. It prevents all harsh edges and does not create hotspots, so you have the best possible visibility.

  • Adjustable Gooseneck Stand

No matter where you prefer to have the light directed, you can customize the reach of the lamp using its fully adjustable gooseneck. The neck can be twisted, turned, and can be adjusted up to 360 degrees.

  • Durable Clip

Not only is the clamp durable, but it also features padding on the inside to protect your furniture. The clip will open up to one and a half inches, which is ideal for books, computers, crafting tables, and more.

  • High CRI LEDs

Another feature that adds to the quality of light provided by the Mighty Bright Hammerhead Reading Light is the type of LEDs it has. The High CRI LEDs give you an even output of light and incredibly accurate color rendering to prevent distortion.

  • Quality Tested

Quality tests have been conducted on each light to make sure they reach CE, FCC, RoHS, Reach, UL, and California Prop 65 standards.

How to Use This Reading Light

One of the main benefits of the Mighty Bright Hammerhead Reading Light is that it’s very simple to use. There aren’t any difficult settings, as all it has is one basic switch. Although, you may still want to read the included instructions to learn about the true capabilities of the light.

As this model is not recommended for mounting, you can use the durable clip to attach it to relatively anything. Compared to other reading lamps, the maximum size of the clamp isn’t incredibly large. However, it’s convenient to mount onto thinner items without having to worry about the lamp slipping.

Once you have chosen the ideal placement, you’ll simply need to either add in the batteries or plug the lamp into the wall, depending on your preferences.


The quality of the light provided by the Mighty Bright Hammerhead Reading Light is unmatched. However, other lamps have plenty of additional features to consider. Our recommendation for an alternative is the LuminoLite Rechargeable Easy Clip Light.

The best features that it has to offer include:

  • Three Brightness Levels

With this lamp, there are three different levels of brightness that you can choose from to get the optimal level of light for any room.

  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

The battery in the LuminoLite lamp is fully rechargeable. This means that you won’t have to worry about buying extra batteries or plugging the lamp into a wall.

  • USB-Powered

In addition to the rechargeable battery, you can also use the included micro-USB cable to power the lamp.


The Mighty Bright Hammerhead Reading Light has plenty of great features, but its largest selling point is the quality of light it provides. If you’re in the market for a reading lamp that is specifically designed to protect your eyesight in low-light conditions, this is one of the best lamps to choose.

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